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The Annalist serves as the leader of the Order. Their role is to manage the day-to-day operations, as well as to make the final decisions when it comes to operations and force projection. The Annalist maintains the Order's official annals and records, and acts as the defacto arbiter for all complaints and disagreements.

[ Charles Schacktorn ]


More of a specialized rank. Often there is just one Sacristan in the Order. The Sacristan is often charged with duties like a quartermaster might. They ensure equipment and supplies are well stocked and relic handling is performed with the upmost care. The position of Sacristan falls somewhat outside of the standard rank structure, but is often equal to a Custode in authority.

[ Radhan Ar'nareth ]


The standard Officer cadre. These individuals have well proven their dedication to their Oaths, as well as the Order. They are entered into the more specific mysteries of the Order as well as greater boons that come with such. The indoctrination into the higher mysteries often comes with a weight of responsibility that often changes the Custode's perspective and life irrevocably.

[ Siphiah Dawnbane ][ Edgar Holden ][ Carlisle Lanris ][ Ruskin Blackemore ]

Grave Warden

A more experienced Junior officer. These individuals have been through enough hunts and operations to have proven themselves as capable. In addition, they have lead operations themselves. Often these individuals serve as dedicated force commanders, squad leaders, and other important roles within the Order's combat structure. It is typical for Wardens to take newer members under their wing and work to train them up into productive assets.

[ Beckwith Valdis ][ Anna Forskare ][ Amilia Tervander ][ Lauren Skylar ]

Torch Bearer

Rank and File member that has given oaths and been knighted. Often identifiable by the magical torch they carry to signify their standing. They start to be given more knowledge of the Mysteries of the order. The majority of members in the Order are Torch Bearers, with many such Knights never advancing beyond such a role.

[ Jacelynn Kindreth ][ Calisendra Redhill ][ Hadrian Tulach ][ Vie Hathens ]
[ Simone Dawnbane ][ Elreich Haas ][ Ajax Stravenor ][ Sivinnia ]


Initiates or new-comers to the order. Virtually everyone starts as a Scribe until they show themselves to be willing and able to progress further into the Order's mysteries. Scribes are given a certain level of freedom not availible to others within the Order. As this is a preliminary position it comes with little responsability, and no oaths taken. The Scribes may come and go as they please without difficulty.

[ Brynja Guðmundsdóttir ][ Tyrus Walker ][ Teffin Sunspeaker ][ Æsa 'Esa' Fiiskedóttir ]
[ Kayne Ravenheart ][ Esmond Hallow ][ Corliss Gallows ][ Martin Bailey ]
[ Ashley Kardera ][ Elijah Day ][ Henry Rothwell ]


Those new to the Order that are of... suspect morality and respect for the Light. These individuals are well cared for, but often responsible for the most dangerous of missions in the Order. Often these missions are designed as methods that the Penitent may prove themselves properly in the Light's gaze, as well as the gaze of the Order writ large. Those that prove themselves can at times be brought into the formal Order proper.

[ Smudge Fisticus ]

The Oath of the Grave

“I swear to uphold the Oath of the Grave. I swear that Death shall not be taken lightly, ending a life before it is right will prevent that life from getting its fair judgement. I swear that Death is a transition to another existence, and the physical forms of the dead should be properly interred and laid to rest- be that in the earth or by blessed flame. All remains are sacrosanct and demand respect. I hold faith that The undead are a blight and a perversion of the natural order. They must be eradicated for the greater good of all living beings. Those that manipulate the powers of undeath will meet a swift and just end. I promise that there should be no reason to fear death, as it is simply a transition to a realm appropriate for one’s true self. I abide that relics of great power shall not fall into the hands of the unjust, and that those creatures of ill intent that seek to harm the balance must be met with swift and vigorous punishment. I see to the fact that should I come into possession of such Light blessed items, or items cursed by ruinous powers, that I must treat them with sacrosanct respect to ensure their sanctity and protection no matter the cause. Destruction of ancient relics is a grave offence, and I swear to uphold the protection of such items no matter the cause. I swear all these things upon my Oath as a Knight of the Grave, and that my Oath binds me to such a cause until Death itself decrees that I am to be taken into its embrace. I do all of this with no reservations in my heart, and no worry in my mind. May this Oath keep until my dying breath.“

Ready to Serve the Light?

The Order of Ash is always looking for new characters to take part in our guild events and rp. Light-based characters, zealots, or characters that are new to the faith are all welcome to join the Order's ranks. Have a character doesn't quite fit the bill? Consider applying to join Tol Barad!

From shining paladins to keen-eyed huntsmen, there's a place for all sorts within the Order's ranks. Healers, arcane mages, scouts, and many other varieties of characters can grow in the twice a week rp events. Past themes include hunting down persons of interest, holy and unholy relics, and pursuing a variety of death knights after the events of the shattered sky. Reach out today to learn more!

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