The Order Of Ash

A WoW Epsilon-Based Light Guild

The History of the Order

The Order of Ash is a historic and storied band of Knights and Archivists. It has appeared off and on through recorded history from before the opening of the Dark Portal. Often the Order has had the tendency to crop up and appear as if ghosts to complete some specific goal before vanishing once more into the annals of history for years to come. It is a nimble organization, often adapted and altered to better fit the circumstances presented against it. The guiding focus of the Order has always remained preservation and protection of items deemed in need of such. Historic items such as relics, artifacts, art and the written word are all valuable enough to merit the Order’s preservation and attention. In the same line the Order focuses upon preserving the balance between Life and Death. Time comes for all Individuals, and the Order works to ensure that this is respected both in the rites given and the preservation of those who have passed. The Order does its part by seeking out those that would threaten the balance and either capturing or killing them as necessary to prevent further loss of life.

Through the course of its history the Order has always been headed by an Annalist. The Annalist is the one who keeps the historic records of the Order, and ensures they remain true to the records of the past. Assisting the Annalist in this goal are all manner of elevated Knights that range the spectrum of actions and activities. The core of the Order has, and always will be, the Knights of the Grave that serve the Light foremost. Frequently the Order has brought in those lacking in Faith and Vigor in the form of Penitents. Many such Penitents have gone on to redeem themselves in the Light’s grace through service. Those that survive such redemption are fully welcomed into the familial nature of the Order.

In its current incarnation the Order is headed by the Annalist Charles Schacktorn. They have allied themselves with the Baradin Wardens and operate primarily out of Tol Barad thanks to their longstanding alliance with the Wardens. Despite calling the island their home, they are often abroad for campaigns elsewhere in Azeroth. The Order itself is not strictly beholden to the Alliance nor to the Church itself but, the outlooks and views of such organizations are often enough in alignment with that of the Order that they form frequent allies. While the Order does not take commands from the Church itself it does follow the Light to a critical degree, and have a patron Saint in the form of Averia the Burned Lady. These blendings of Faith form the core of the Order’s more stalwart and vigorous Knights.

The Ascension from Scribe to elevated Knight is one fraught with learning and development. Any who come in are brought in at such a low rank and must prove themselves to their Brothers and Sisters. Those that manage to last and survive will be rewarded with power and boons to ensure their service to the Light continues. The deeper-mysteries of the Order are known by few, but those Knights that remain in service long enough slowly start to be brought further and further into the Annalist’s fold to uncover such secrets for themselves.

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